Tech Not on Fleek: How Your Phone is Giving You Wrinkles

November 19, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Diet
Flawless skin

Everybody knows that it’s not just aging that causes wrinkles. Some habits also make the skin look older than it should. But no, this is not just about ditching the sunscreen and smoking. The notorious habit of constantly looking at your phone could give you the lines and creases. Here’s how:

It gives you the tech neck (and turkey neck)

When using a phone, most people tend to hold it low and put a strain on the neck. The head weighs so much heavier when it’s positioned at 45-degree angle, almost 49 pounds — that’s way heavier than the normal 10-pound weight when the head is positioned straight.

The neck strain worsens since you’re likely on this position for hours, unbothered because there’s so much to see on the Instagram feed, right? Chiropractors in Utah call this the “tech neck.” But cosmetic surgeons also call it the turkey neck, as the strain causes further breakdown of the collagen, giving you the unsightly folds in this area of the body.

It causes you to squint

You may not notice it, but sometimes, you can’t help but squint at your phone when reading some texts and e-mails or when you’re suddenly faced with glare, as you unlock the phone after waking up. As you know, squinting is the primary cause of crow’s feet.

To avoid this, increase the font size you use in apps and try to reduce the light intensity of your phone before sleeping. If you already have some noticeable lines, get Botox that Utah cosmetic surgeons provide. As long as you’re in the pink of health and didn’t have neuromuscular problems in the past, you can take this procedure. Discuss with your doctor your cosmetic goals today.

It exposes you to high-energy visible light

You may be well protected from the sun’s harmful rays, but if you always check your phone, you’re then exposed to another harmful wavelength of light — the blue light or high-energy visible light. This causes the breakdown of structural proteins in the body, including collagen, and leads to premature skin aging.

According to experts, it penetrates deeper layers of the skin, which then also triggers pigmentation. You can’t completely avoid looking at your phone of course, but you can limit your screen time at the very least. This will also do good in regulating better sleep patterns, which is good for the skin.

The habit of overusing your phone may be taking a toll on your skin. Put your phone down, even for a while, to save your skin from those unsightly creases and folds.


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