Is teeth whitening in Sydney CBD safe for sensitive teeth?

November 15, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
Teeth Whitening Solution

Teeth whitening is not the first option for patients with sensitive teeth, especially those with gum disease. Most dentists will encourage their patients to treat their sensitive teeth, gum disease or other oral problems before starting a teeth whitening session. Once a patient’s teeth are healthy and strong, then they can pursue their quest for a beautiful smile. But what about sensitive teeth?

In general, teeth whitening in Sydney CBD is not recommended to patients with sensitive teeth, since whitening agents can corrode and permanently damage tooth enamel. Experienced dentists such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD can predict whether a patient will experience problems with teeth whitening most of the times and will be able to improve sensitivity by recommending customised treatments.

Why do teeth darken over time?

The dentin, which is the internal portion of the tooth, tends to darken as someone ages. Other factors that can discolour teeth over time include smoking and drinking tea, coffee and wine. Some people are more susceptible to tooth discolouration, whereas certain medications can also cause teeth to darken over time.

Teeth whitening in Sydney CBD can remove external stains effectively, promoting good oral hygiene. Studies have shown that patients who have whitened their teeth are more likely to follow a diligent oral care routine in order to keep them whiter for longer.

To whiten or not to whiten?

In general, teeth whitening in Sydney CBD is a safe and cost-effective procedure with great success rates. Most teeth respond well to whitening agents. However, some people have more sensitive teeth than others. Depending on each individual’s situation, a dentist may recommend a smaller concentration of teeth-whitening agent or an alternative cosmetic procedure. For instance, patients whose teeth cannot benefit from teeth whitening due to extreme sensitivity, may wish to consider dental veneers or bonding. Likewise, teeth whitening may not be ideal for patients with many dental restorations, since the bleaching agent will not affect the colour of these materials.

Not all discolourations can be removed with professional teeth whitening in Sydney CBD and only a dentist will be able to give advice and guidance to each patient.

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