Titanium – A Revolution for Replacing Missing Teeth

November 12, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
Dental Health and Importance

Concrete revolutionised the construction industry. Nylon transformed the clothing industry. As for dentistry, it was titanium that changed it all. This miraculous metal stands out from the crowd because when placed in the human body, it isn’t rejected or attacked. Dental researchers started tinkering with the idea of using titanium to restore missing teeth and so came the invention of dental implants. In Garforth, as elsewhere, dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement.

More and more dental practices provide treatment with dental implants in Garforth as they realise the transformative effect it can have on their patients’ dental health and well-being. One such practice is Enhancedental where dental implants are used to restore one, several or even a whole jaw of missing teeth.

How Does Dental Implant Treatment Work?

It all comes down to that miraculous metal. Dental implants are small, titanium screws that are placed directly into the jawbone. Due to the biocompatible nature of titanium, the body accepts the implants and grows new bone tissue around them. This is what secures the implants firmly in place, ready for the attachment of custom-made replacement teeth. Superior stability means patients get back full chewing power and can eat, talk and laugh without fear of their replacement teeth shifting.

Is Dental Implant Treatment Painful?

Treatment with dental implants in Garforth is always carried out under local anaesthetic. This is more than enough to numb any pain, as the jawbone into which the implants are placed has fewer nerve endings than the teeth. However, for patients who still feel anxious about treatment, dental sedation is also available, which will help relax them.

Can Anyone Get Treatment with Dental Implants?

Most patients who have experienced tooth loss can get dental implants if they are in good general and oral health. Implants must be placed into a healthy mouth, so conditions such as gum disease need to be resolved first. Implant surgery also requires a period of healing, so conditions that negatively affect healing also should be dealt with. For example, uncontrolled diabetes can hinder the healing process.

Patients should always see an implant dentist to find out for sure if they are suitable for treatment with dental implants.

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