Why have Dental Implants in Gloucester?

November 9, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
Woman having a dental checkup

Anyone who is about to or has already lost a tooth or 2 will be aware of dental implants in Gloucester. These tiny titanium miracles of dental technology are a highly functional way to restore lost teeth and are the only way to replace the root and the crown.

What is also well-known about dental implants in Gloucester is that the treatment is lengthy and expensive and involves going through surgery and taking time off work. So, with the disadvantages out in the open, what are the benefits of signing up for a procedure that can take up to 6 months at a practice in the area, such as the Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios?

The benefits of dental implants in Gloucester

In common with other methods of tooth restoration, having an implant fitted plugs up gaps in the smile and helps to shore up neighbouring teeth. Once a tooth is missing, the next-door neighbour can start to lean into the gap and become loose itself.

If the dental technician does their job right, the patient will get natural-looking replacement crowns that blend seamlessly into their existing set. This can help to restore lost confidence from having a gappy smile.

Dental implants in Gloucester also offer advantages that can only be found with this treatment. These include:

  • the facial structure is shored up and the integrity of the jaw is maintained– this is because the body believes the implant is natural tissue and grows new bone around it
  • the implant is secured in place as strongly as a natural tooth root,so full chewing power is restored, and the patient can eat what they like again
  • implants are long-lasting – 15 years or more
  • surrounding teeth are unaffected, only the teeth that have failed will be removed or replaced
  • implant-supported teeth are easy to maintain, as they are cared for in the same way as natural teeth, with regular brushing and flossing and bi-annual check-ups. Although the implant itself can’t decay, the surrounding gum tissue can, which would cause the implant to fail
  • dental implants in Gloucester are fixed in the mouth, so no sliding around while talking, or falling out and embarrassing the wearer.
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