5 Sinusitis Don’ts for Freer Breathing

October 17, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Diet
Sinus Care and what to do

If you have sinusitis, it’s important to talk to a doctor about your concerns. It’s also vital to steer away from things or activities that may worsen the condition. Here are five sinusitis don’ts to remember.

Don’t Inflame Your Sinuses

Keep away from stuff that can irritate your sinuses. Quit smoking and keep away from places that have tobacco smoke. Also, avoid staying indoors when there is indoor air pollution.

Don’t Take Alcohol

While you require plenty of fluids, avoid alcoholic drinks. Booze leads to dehydration. Alcohol may also cause the swelling of the sinuses and the lining of the nose. This inflammation may make sinus symptoms worse. Instead of beer or wine, take warm herbal tea or any other hydrating hot liquid.

Don’t Lift Weights

A round of sinusitis should not stop you from working out. However, exercise wisely as sinusitis can cause dizziness and coordination issues. Avoid weight lifting and other exercises that may overtax your lungs and heart.

Don’t Self Medicate for Over 3 Days

Over-the-counter drugs can help you feel better when you have sinusitis-related pain. Decongestant nasal sprays can also help when you have a stuffy nose. However, over-dependence on sprays may worsen your symptoms. Also, medical therapy may not be effective if a structural problem is causing your sinusitis.  Consider a sinuplasty in Denver if you have chronic or recurrent sinus infections.

Don’t Swim Without Nose Clips

Some studies show that chlorine in swimming pools can irritate the passageways in the nose. If you have sinus trouble, it may then be best to keep away from the pool. But if you need to swim, nose clips can help avert another round of sinusitis.

When you have sinus problems, proper diagnosis and treatment are key to freer breathing. Avoiding certain things may also help relieve your symptoms or decrease the chances of another round of sinusitis.

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