Organic Food Does Taste Better

October 16, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Food
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You’ve probably heard that organic food tastes better than traditional food and thought it was a sales gimmick. Well, it’s actually based on science. When plants aren’t sprayed with chemicals, they produce more antioxidants that enhance their flavor.

Antioxidants are produced by plants to protect them from damage caused by diseases and insects. When people eat them, they also consume these antioxidants and get protection from the effects of free radicals, such as cell damage and inflammation.

Too many free radicals are linked to accelerated aging. That’s why eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables can help people stay looking younger for longer. Plants that are packed with antioxidants have a fuller flavor, which is why those who have tried organic food say it tastes better.

Why Pesticides Damage Food Quality

When plants are sprayed with pesticides, they no longer need to produce as many antioxidants to keep insects away from them, so there are less nutrients in the food and it tastes blander.

The use of pesticides also affects soil quality and therefore the quality of the plants that grow there. There are 835 separate chemicals used in agriculture and 610 more were banned due to being dangerous. The soil is an ecosystem in itself.

Each application of pesticide accumulates, affecting the microbial composition of the soil, reducing the presence of fungal-feeding organisms so the crops produced are more susceptible to disease. Just as antibiotics affect the human microbiome, pesticides damage soil microbiome.

Pesticides: A Toxic Soup

There are also residual sub-lethal effects to fish, birds, insects, and humans. People who live near sprayed fields have higher risks of cancer, miscarriage, and birth defects.

Organic Food: The Healthier and Tastier Alternative

Getting certified organic food is the answer. It is free of pesticides, packed with nutrients, and full of natural flavors. Wholesale organic fruit and vegetable suppliers can provide quality organic food at an affordable price, so eating chemical-free need not break the bank.

Organic soil is richer, which is why it produces healthier plants with more antioxidants for enhanced nutrition and taste. It’s time to make the switch. Eat organic food for a healthier life.

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