Guide to Achieving the Perfect Smile

September 5, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
man smiling

For some people, the journey to getting the perfect smile may last a lifetime. It is also a continuous struggle in terms of keeping healthy teeth and proper oral hygiene, as well as learning how to smile properly. A smile is not just an expression; it’s a projection of emotions and self-confidence. For those who have lost some teeth, there is a need to fill up the spaces.

Mahoney Family Dentistry notes that dental implants and other treatments can improve the smile of patients in South Bend, Indiana and other states. Read on to find out how people can achieve a beautiful smile.

Smile Design

It is now possible to design a person’s smile, but this procedure is not for everyone. In most instances, a passable smile is good enough for anyone. There’s a recent study about smiles and the way the parts of the face can enhance one another to create a pleasing smile. The study shows that people with big smiles should not hesitate to show their teeth.

A Middle Ground

There is a middle ground where something is just right. This requires a unique combination of teeth showing along with the smile’s angle and width of the lips. The study results are not conclusive, as there is a discussion among professionals about teeth showing. There is disagreement about the number of teeth showing, but it is believed that it can have an effect on the smile.

No single smile is perfect, but a smile can be charming and engaging. The best-looking smiles were analyzed in terms of how people are attracted to them and what the smiles conveyed. It is possible to learn how to smile properly and be able to engage more people in the process.

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