Don’t Give Up Yet: Boost Motivation When Losing Weight with These Tips

August 30, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Health
Woman measuring her waist

Woman Pinching Thigh FatStarting on a weight loss routine seems fairly easy, but sticking to it? Nearly impossible, according to most women. Now, there are a lot of factors ladies aren’t able to follow through their fitness goals, but probably the most common is lack of motivation.

The good thing about motivation is you can work it out. Boost your motivation to lose weight with these tips.

Set realistic expectations

When you look at celebrities on social media, weight loss seems to be quick and easy, with post-pregnant bodies shrinking back to a size 0 in just days. Know that everybody’s weight loss journey is different. Some tend to lose weight fast, while some don’t. So if you set unrealistic expectations, you’re only setting yourself up for frustration — and quitting eventually.

Be realistic in setting goals. And with this, you will need the help of fitness coaches and nutritionists. Visit a personal training studio for women in Westwood, MA.

Go back to your purpose

It’s important to know why you want to lose weight, as this is the driving force when the going gets tough. A lot of people start on a fitness routine because their doctor recommended it, but the ones who are able to commit really are those whose purpose for doing it comes from their own decision.

So ask yourself, aside from being prescribed by your doctor, what are your reasons for doing this? To look and feel confident? To be there longer for your kids? To fit right back in your cropped tops?

Write down your purpose, and every time you feel like skipping the gym near your apartment, read and re-read them.

Join a community

Sometimes, when all motivation within has run out, it could come from other people. When you belong to a community that checks up on you, and you’re accountable with, you’re able to find motivation in staying on track.

Most gyms for women have small group training sessions, which not only teach tried-and-tested (and safe) weight loss strategies but also empower you emotionally when you feel like quitting. That’s the group you want to be in.

Committing to a weight loss routine is an overwhelming life project. Keep your motivation up by trying out these tips.

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