Forms of HCG Diets

August 23, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Trends
HCG displayed in the tablet

One of the most significant struggles for people worldwide is achieving a healthy body. There are many diet regimens, but the MD diet remains among the most efficient. The diet has different combinations that not only help you lose weight but also prevent it from increasing.

A cornerstone of the MD diet for Salt Lake City residents is HCG. HCG boosts your metabolism rate, enabling you to lose a considerable amount of fat without feeling hungry. Here are the common forms of HCG diets:


These HCG shots are given via subcutaneous injection. The injections are typically self-administered and come in glass ampoules containing a powder that you mix as instructed. The frequency and dosage of HCG shots vary depending on an individual, and you can inject in different areas below the skin. The injection has minimal pain, and its side effects are quite rare.

HCG Drops

These are also called diet or weight loss drops. They are soaked up into the bloodstream after administration where they stimulate the production of leptin, which promotes the burning of fat cells. They are taken sublingually to bypass the stomach, where the acids and enzymes might weaken their potency. HCG drops have minimal and infrequent side effects.

HCG Pellets

These are the latest on the market. Like drops, the pellets are also taken sublingually where they dissolve and are absorbed into the bloodstream. HCG pellets contain capsicum annum, focus vesiculosus, homeopathic HCG, amino acids, and graphites. They are easy to use and as effective as drops and injections.

The given forms of HCG are all useful in healthy weight loss. They should be used in conjunction with exercise and healthy eating for you to get good results. You can be assured of gaining a healthy body if you follow the HCG diet’s instructions and work with a reputable MD diet clinic.

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