Types of Diagnostic Tests Offered At Urgent Care Clinics

August 14, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Medical
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Visiting your primary healthcare provider typically meant long waits even if it was an emergency or you had an appointment. Thankfully, urgent care centers, also called walk-in clinics, can alleviate this frustration. These centers like Southern Rapid Care provide adequate care for non-emergency cases.

Medical care at a walk-in clinic located in Gulf Shores, Alabama is speedy, and you can be sure to spend an hour at most to get full treatment there. Urgent care centers conduct different diagnostic tests to ensure you receive the highest level of care. Here are some of these tests.


If you have a referral for an x-ray from your primary physician, you can get one at a walk-in clinic and take the results back to your physician. The centers also handle any x-ray for the screening of various conditions and offer necessary treatments which will reduce your pain, prevent further issues and treat the condition if possible.

Blood Tests

You need not worry that your health care provider will solely rely on your symptom to make a diagnosis which might be wrong. Urgent care centers are equipped with machines to conduct blood tests including lab panels, full blood counts, and others to make an accurate diagnosis. They have trained lab personnel and phlebotomists to handle their blood work.


If you are experiencing heart-related issues, you can get an EKG done at an urgent care center. The center has the personnel to help you interpret the result and refer you for further treatment if need be. The clinic also handles pre-surgical EKG if your surgeon requests for one.

With these tests, you are assured that the quality of care at these centers is top-notch. There is no reason to endure long queues at other primary care centers. The above tests are also affordable compared to other places.

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