Bounce Back: 3 Ways to Prevent Depression Relapse

August 9, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Diet
Person Under Mental Therapy

One of the most tragic realities about depression is that it can happen again. Those who suffered from this condition once are 50% likely to relapse. So, for people who know well how debilitating this problem is, a strategy for prevention is most important.

Health experts say what you need in your game plan of prevention is maintenance treatment, which involves drugs, psychotherapy, and healthy lifestyle practices. Here are ways you can prevent depression relapse:

Stop Feeling Guilty

The fact that you’re at risk for another episode of depression is enough to send negative thoughts of self-loathing, blame, shame, and guilt. Also, people tend to punish themselves for the bad things that happen to them, like friends leaving or a relationship that got broken. This pattern of thinking and feeling about yourself would make you all the more at risk for depression.

Realize that there are things you can’t change and the only thing you can do is to focus on what you can change. See a therapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in Westport, Connecticut. He or she can help you develop healthier thinking patterns.

Take It Slow

Since people feel a lot better when they recover from depression, some would naturally want to get back to their old routines. While this isn’t a problem entirely, overdoing things may take a toll on your health. And the stress can push you again to that pit of depression. Sometimes, the symptoms may be more severe than the last one.

This doesn’t at all mean that you stop pursuing what you want. But what this means is you have to take it slow and know your limits so that you can avoid stress as much as possible.

Exercise Regularly and Eat Healthy Food

When you work out, the body releases certain chemicals in the brain that serves as antidepressants. So, if you want to get busy, get busy by exercising regularly. And watch what you eat, too. Make sure to avoid alcohol and reduce caffeine intake.

It’s bad news that depression can happen again. But the worse news for depression is this: you’re a fighter, and you have the power to keep it from plaguing you again.

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