Rejuvenating the Facial Appearance

August 6, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Health

woman given botox injections.As we get older, we tend to develop wrinkles and lines on our faces. These are usually most obvious around the eyes, across the forehead, and when smiling, in Stanmore. Botox is a treatment that uses careful injections of a specially-formulated liquid to relax the tiny muscles associated with these lines and wrinkles. It’s a straightforward and speedy procedure that can result in a more youthful-looking face.

How does Botox in Stanmore work?

The crucial element of Botox in Stanmore is botulinum toxin. A liquid containing this substance is injected into precisely defined areas of the facial skin, at cosmetic dental practices such as the Centre of Dental Excellence. It can then block the impulses in the muscles that produce the wrinkles. The skin will look smoother because the muscle underneath has relaxed somewhat.

Why do people have Botox in Stanmore?

A few of the most common indications of ageing will benefit from this treatment:

  • The lines close to the eyes known as crow’s feet
  • The creases on the forehead formed by frowning
  • Smoker’s lines around the top lip and the mouth.

The Botox injection is a comfortable process, delivered in relaxing surroundings by tactful and friendly professionals. It usually takes around 10 minutes to complete. The results are noticeable within a few days of the injection.

Maintaining the appearance

Botox in Stanmore is a popular way to make one’s skin appear less wrinkled. This usually leads to a more youthful overall appearance. If administered by a skilled professional, skin will retain its sensitivity, and the patient will still be able to make all their normal facial expressions. This is because the injection is precise. It only affects a few specific muscles.

Botox in Stanmore is a temporary treatment. The muscles on which it acts will eventually get their strength back, as the active ingredient slowly wears off. A person’s diet, sunbathing habits, and general lifestyle will all contribute to their wrinkles. Some people like to return to their dentist to have the Botox treatment repeated regularly. Others might prefer to use it as a cosmetic boost before special occasions.

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