Dental Care through the Years

August 4, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental

Girl smiling with white teethTeeth are meant to last a lifetime but that fact is, without proper care and maintenance they can decay, break, discolour or even fall out altogether. A dentist in Leybourne can work with patients to ensure their teeth not only last as long as possible but also look as good as they can.

A dentist in Leybourne, such as One Smile Oral Care, can look after the health and aesthetics of their patients’ teeth and gums from childhood into old age. Here are a few of the services that patients can benefit from:

Taking early action

Taking a child to visit the dentist in Leybourne as soon as their teeth come through is a great way to get them used to the surroundings and ensures they develop a positive relationship with their dentist, free from dental phobia. It also gives the dentist a chance to check how the teeth and jaws are developing. Early detection of potential problems means they can be resolved before they get too complicated. This applies to teeth straightening too. It is advised that children go in for a dental check-up specifically focusing on the alignment of their teeth and jaws by age seven at the latest.

Keeping up appearances

Good dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups aren’t always enough to keep teeth looking pearly white and in great shape. That’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in. A dentist in Leybourne can offer a range of treatments to enhance the appearance of adult teeth, from teeth whitening and veneers to invisible braces.

Tackling tooth loss

Teeth can be lost at any age as a result of an accident, injury or poor dental health. But as the years roll by, tooth loss can become more likely. There are now several options for patients to consider when it comes to restoring their missing teeth: dentures, bridges or dental implants. A dentist in Leybourne can assess which is most appropriate, factoring in cost and convenience, as well as dental health.

There is a wealth of other procedures available at reputable dental clinics: cosmetic, restorative, preventive and even facial aesthetics. To find out more, patients should book a consultation with their dentist in Leybourne.

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