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August 1, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
Smiling woman with braces

After the teeth are straightened, they work more efficiently, are easier to keep clean, and are more pleasant to look at. Getting treatment with braces in Cheltenham is good for oral health, as well looks. Advances in dental technology have produced a wide range of braces and aligners that provide a comfortable experience by being lightweight and hardly visible.

Avoiding oral problems

Braces in Cheltenham will go a long way to solving the difficulties associated with badly-positioned teeth. Realignment treatments at places such as Cheltenham Dental Spa are tailored to the particular requirements of the patient. Simple adjustments, like making front teeth less prominent, can often be done in a surprisingly short timeframe. More complex improvements, like straightening out a crowded smile, can be done using comfortable, transparent aligners that don’t require any attachments to the teeth.

Styles of aligners and braces in Cheltenham

After a conversation with the dental team, the patient will be presented with the most suitable ways of addressing their dental alignment issues.

One option is Invisalign. This uses a series of aligners based on 3D images of the patient’s mouth. The patient will spend 7-10 days wearing a pair of these aligners, before then wearing the next pair in the series. The teeth gradually move into better alignments because each subsequent aligner has a slightly different shape. This innovative type of braces in Cheltenham can be removed from the mouth at mealtimes.

Incognito is another popular option for braces in Cheltenham. It’s a more traditional system involving wires and brackets attached to the teeth. There’s a twist, however: they are fitted to the tongue side of the teeth, so can’t be seen, unless the wearer really tips back their head and laughs.

All-round service

Braces in Cheltenham can also be the good old traditional front-facing, fixed metal braces, if this is the best way to bring about the required improvement. The good news is that tooth-coloured materials and transparent components go a long way towards keeping these braces hidden. The patient can improve their dental function and overall oral health without worrying too much about their treatment’s visual impact.

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