Replacing Problems with Solutions

July 5, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Trends
dental implants

It was once the case the dentures were the only solution to the problem of missing teeth. They could be loose, unreliable and had to be taken out at night. While a permanent fix might have seemed unlikely, the wonders of modern dentistry have proved the historic views wrong. Dental implants in Erskineville are long-term replacements for missing teeth, alleviating the hassles of unpredictable dentures that could slip or fall out.

Experiencing tooth loss can be difficult, as it means that person has to face the fact that a natural tooth has gone from their smile. It’s easy to think that their smile will never be the same again, that is, until they find the solution of dental implants in Erskineville. This is a restorative treatment provided to patients at dental practices such as Healthy Smile Centre, where natural-looking replacement teeth are offered to patients who are suitable for the procedure.

How dental implants in Erskineville restore and enhance smiles

Dental implants are small titanium screws that fit snugly into the part of the jawbone where the tooth is missing. Once it has integrated with jawbone, it becomes just as sturdy as the root of a tooth. This means it is secure enough to have a replacement tooth on top, which is custom-made especially for the individual patient. This is so that the new tooth will match the colour and shape of the remaining teeth. Dental implants can be used to cover the loss of a single tooth or several teeth, restoring the beauty and oral health of a person’s smile.

Missing teeth not only put a person’s oral health at risk, but they also affect the norms of the everyday routine. Tooth loss can affect how a person bites and chews on their food, even causing discomfort and limiting them to soft foods. Receiving dental implants in Erskineville therefore improves quality of life, allowing a person to go out and eat what they like on the menu if they go out for dinner. Missing teeth can affect a person’s speech, making them feel self-conscious when they go to work or see their friends. Dental implants ease the concern of talking without teeth falling out.

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