An Expert Guide for Understanding Venous Occlusive Disease

June 28, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Medical

Hepatic VOD or venous occlusive disease is a disease which follows toxic injury and blockage of your small hepatic veins. The condition is commonly associated with a high dose of radiotherapy and chemotherapy before allogeneic stem cell transplants. Ingestion of herbal tea with pyrrolizidine alkaloids is also associated with VOD.

Though a rare disorder in the past, venous occlusive disease is becoming increasingly common. It is hence essential for you to understand it and recognize any of its symptoms since prompt treatment alleviates costly medical expenses for severe VOD and prevents unfavorable outcomes. Here are some expert tidbits to broaden your knowledge of the condition.

Clinical Picture

VOD affects both adults and children. It is characterized by yellowing of the patient’s eyes and a painful and enlarged liver. It also leads to fluid retention by your body, evidenced by unexplained weight gain and swelling of your feet and abdomen. In severe cases, patients with VOD may experience issues with their kidney, which manifest as decreased or increased urination.

Diagnostic Methods

There is no specific test for VOD. Diagnosis of the condition is based on your medical history and the clinical picture. Your doctor might recommend liver biopsies and imaging studies like Doppler ultrasonography to exclude other causes of your symptoms.


Efficient management of VOD includes a range of treatments. Defibrotide is the FDA-approved drug for the control of the condition. Other management options are geared towards managing specific symptoms and enhancing a patient’s comfort. For patients at high risk of VOD, heparin might be indicated for prophylaxis.

The course and severity of VOD differ among patients. With proper care and early diagnosis, the patient will be kept from tipping into liver failure. Now that you understand the condition, you are better-placed to seek early and efficient treatment. Ensure the center you pick for your treatment is up-to-date with the latest technologies for VOD management.

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