Straighter Smiles

June 8, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
Dentist with smiling patient

Contemporary dentists offer many ways for patients to get straighter teeth. Traditional wire and bracket braces still make effective transformations but discreet materials and user-friendly construction help to minimise visual and social disruption for the patient. At dental practices in Milton Keynes, braces are a convenient way to improve a person’s dental aesthetics and overall oral hygiene.

Customised action

Braces in Milton Keynes are meticulously customised to fit the patient’s needs. Dental practices such as Northlight Dental offer a range of treatments to help their patients achieve long-lasting improvements. Popular methods include fixed braces, hidden braces, and transparent aligners.

Types of braces in Milton Keynes

Traditional wire-and-bracket braces, that are attached to the fronts of the teeth, produce effective results. However, by using transparent and tooth-coloured materials, invisible braces don’t have as much of a visual impact as the traditional metal ones do.

Hidden braces, also known as lingual braces, are constructed in a similar way to traditional braces. However, because they’re attached to the backs of the patient’s teeth, they effectively remain hidden inside the mouth while treatment is ongoing.

Transparent aligners, such as Invisalign, are specially-shaped trays made of transparent plastic. A series of these trays is produced and the patient wears each step in the series for around 7-10 days before moving on to the next one. As each tray is a slightly different shape, the teeth are gradually pressured into improved positions. They can be removed from the mouth when the patient needs to eat a meal or brush their teeth.

Stages of the process

The first thing the patient needs to do is to talk to their dentist about how they’d like to improve their dental alignment. The dentist can assess the patient’s oral health and take detailed measurements of their mouth. An appropriate treatment will then be offered, and carried out according to a treatment plan. The duration of a treatment involving braces in Milton Keynes can vary from six months to two years or more. It all depends on how much movement needs to be done. However, even small adjustments can have a dramatic effect. The dentist will always let the patient know how long treatment will take before it begins.

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