What Are The Tools You See When You Visit The Dentist? Here’s 3 Of Them

May 7, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
Colorful orthodontic appliances

The teeth are hardworking parts of your body. They’re made of dentin and enamel, which are substances strong enough to allow chewing and grinding food for energy. Because your teeth do a lot of work every day, they need to get taken care of by dentists and orthodontists. If you’ve ever been to a dental clinic or orthodontics laboratory like Orthodenco Orthodontics Lab, you may have seen multiple appliances used to fix teeth. Here are some of them.

Space Maintainers

Poor dental hygiene and eating habits may cause children to lose their teeth prematurely. In some cases, a dentist will have to extract a bad tooth to prevent its bacteria from spreading. Once the tooth is extracted, the space left behind can be maintained using a space maintainer. This will allow the child’s permanent tooth to develop and fill the space as the child grows up.


Distalization refers to the correction of bite problems by moving the teeth in a posterior direction. A lot of individuals develop bite problems, in which case a dentist will have to install a distalizer to help them bite properly.

Sports Guards

Dentists recommend the use of sports guards for patients engaging in contact sports or any activity that could get their teeth knocked out. Dentists create sports guard by acquiring a dental impression of the patient’s teeth and mouth. They then use this impression as a dental appliance that can be worn in the mouth. This sports guard protects the mouth and teeth from any impact that might damage them.

Dental Innovations

These dental appliances are just some of what dentists need to treat patients with damaged teeth, bite problems, and such. Without these dental innovations, people with these problems would still suffer. When it comes to long-lasting teeth, it’s always wise to invest in dental appliances.

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