Why Botox in Kingston should be done by Dentists?

May 4, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
Woman having botox injection

Some people may cringe at the thought of dentists offering Botox, yet this treatment is becoming increasingly popular in dental practices in the UK. Unlike a general practitioner, a dentist is more qualified to deliver Botox injections due to their training and experience in the areas of the face and the mouth.

Dentists offering Botox in Kingston, such as those in Kingston Dental Clinic, are licensed, well-equipped and have a deep understanding of the face and its musculature. All these traits make them great candidates for providing aesthetic treatments.

It’s all about the face

Dentists are medical professionals who have studied the area of the face and the mouth for many years. As a result, they are more trained than any other healthcare professional who may have a licence to perform Botox in Kingston. More importantly, dentists have much experience in administering injections in the facial area and know how to make anxious patients feel more comfortable.

Full facial aesthetics

Understanding the facial muscles and facial anatomy, provides dentists with a unique advantage in assessing facial aesthetics and providing treatment where is needed.

Botox in Kingston is not necessarily a complex treatment. However, as with every medical treatment, things can go wrong and it is always best to have someone who can help. Overall, dentists are less likely to make mistakes and if they do, they know how to fix them without compromising a patient’s health or facial appearance. Sadly, the same cannot be said for other professionals, some of whom may not even be licensed to provide Botox in Kingston.

What training do dentists have to go through for Botox?

In the UK, there many training schemes dentists can follow if they are interested to learn how to administer Botox. However, only reputable and certified training centres should be used as they are the only ones that will offer a detailed coverage of the treatment, its fundamental protocols and precautions. Each patient has different needs and drafting up the ideal facial rejuvenation treatment plan can be challenging. When training is as detailed and comprehensive as possible, there should be no need to worry about trusting a dentist with Botox.

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