Restoring smiles at the cosmetic dentist in Southampton

May 4, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
Woman undergoing dental check-up

For someone who’s been in an accident and lost one or more teeth, there’s a road to recovery ahead. First step in the hours after the accident is the emergency dentist to hopefully get the knocked-out teeth reattached, and to get pain relief. If it’s not possible to reinsert the teeth, there are some options to consider.

Once the pain has subsided and any swelling in the mouth or gums has gone down, it’s time for a trip to the cosmetic dentist in Southampton, such as those at Smilemakers. Say cosmetic dentistry and most people will think of brilliant white, Hollywood smiles. But there’s more to it than creating a red -carpet-worthy grin.

Cosmetic work isn’t just about vanity: for those who have lost teeth through injury or illness, it’s a vital step on the road back to health. Restorations certainly do improve the look of a smile, but there are also many health and well being benefits.

There are several restoration options at the cosmetic dentist in Southampton, including crowns, bridges and full and partial dentures. All of these replace the white, visible part of the tooth, not the hidden root underneath. Replacement teeth that only restore the visible part of the tooth are an affordable option, but they can’t completely restore the biting and chewing function of a natural tooth. The jawbone underneath may also begin to deteriorate.

In the case of bridges, neighboring healthy teeth need to be ground down to support them and as dentures use suction on the gums for support, they can become loose over time as gums recede and they can also cause soreness and irritation.

These issues can be addressed by mounting replacement teeth on dental implants. The implant is a replacement tooth root. A crown, bridge or denture can be fixed to it, so the patient regains the biting and chewing power of a natural tooth, putting nutritious crunchy and chewy foods such as nuts, seeds and apples back on the menu.

Restored teeth can also boost a patient’s self-esteem, helping them to feel happy with their smile, creating a feeling of well being and making it easier to connect with others. Not bad for a trip to the cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

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