Get Your Feet Ready for the Summer

April 23, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Lifestyle
Newly polished nails

To get ready for the summer, you could visit a nail salon in downtown Orlando to have your nails done. Summer calls for sandals and flip-flops, so your feet need to look perfect when you hit the beach or walk on the boardwalk. Here are a few things to remember when you want to pamper your feet.

Use striking colors

One way of preparing for the summer is to use bold colors for your nail polish. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and style. If you feel that bold and vibrant hues are too much, then choosing something classic like pink is perfect for the summer as well.

Moisturize your heels

You have to moisturize your feet before going to sleep with either petroleum jelly or a lotion. Wearing socks while you can help moisturize it, keeping it from getting dry.

Exfoliate your heels

Another way of keeping your heels from getting dry is by gently exfoliating it. You could use a pumice stone to eliminate any dead skin cells from your heels. Another way of removing dry heels is by soaking your feet in lemon juice extract once every week to soften your skin.

Clip your toenails

Dirt and sand can get in between your toenails. So, clipping them to the ideal length can help your feet looking neat all summer. Also, it’s advisable to push the cuticles back instead of completely cutting them since it acts as a barrier to protect your toes from any dirt or debris that may get stuck to it.

Keeping your toenails clean and your feet moisturized is the best way to get your feet ready for the summer. It’s always advisable to go to a salon and have a pedicure done to give your feet that soft and clean feeling.

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