When should people have a teeth whitening in Belfast?

April 9, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Medical
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Teeth whitening in Belfast is a versatile cosmetic dentistry treatment. People can use it to meet different needs at various times. Patients have this treatment in order to get a brighter smile and a boost in confidence.

Having teeth whitening in Belfast can be an impulse decision, the result of long-term planning or part of a smile makeover when patients visit a clinic like Blue Sky. An experienced cosmetic dentistry practitioner is skilled at listening to a patient’s needs around their teeth and helping them integrate their chosen dentistry technique into their lifestyle.

Whenever they want to

The beauty of teeth whitening in Belfast is that nearly everyone can benefit from it whenever they want to. This is one of the reasons why it is a popular treatment. No special preparation is required as long as the patient’s teeth are healthy.

For at-home whitening, patients need to have their equipment custom made so that they can take it home, along with their whitening products. They wear the trays they are given every night for about two weeks to create the desired effect.

Before an event

Patients can work with their dentist to plan ahead for a special occasion where they want to have a beautiful smile. This might be a social or work event. If they make a spur-of-the-moment decision, the best course for them is probably going to be in-clinic whitening. This can be achieved in a short space of time so the patient can often decide at the last minute and then slip a teeth whitening treatment into their schedule.

After another treatment

Teeth whitening complements other procedures really well. Combining cosmetic dentistry treatments is often called a smile makeover. It can include two or more treatments concurrently or consecutively. Teeth whitening in Belfast often comes at the end of a smile makeover although there are treatments, such as veneers, that might indicate otherwise. In the case of veneers, this is because veneers do not respond to whitening. If someone wanted whitening and veneers, they would need to have their teeth lightened first and then have the colour of their veneers matched to the shade of their smile.

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