The Different Types of Family Therapy Counseling

April 4, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Health

Without meaning to, family members can cause each other a lot of pain. Worsened by the fact that each member feels entitled to a leeway because of their “good intentions” even when saying hurtful things, families sometimes throw themselves on the road to hell. Soon, the wounds fester, and the need for therapy becomes apparent for anyone willing to save the relationship.

However, seeing a psychiatrist in Westport, CT is just as important for families that seem okay. Family therapy is central to the mental health of each person in the family. Additionally, healthy families translate to a healthy society. Here are three standard techniques you can expect during family therapy.

Structural therapy

Here, the psychiatrist works around the power dynamics of the family. Every member is assigned a role, and the hierarchies are explored. The powers every individual gets are analyzed and redistributed whenever necessary. At the end of such successful sessions, every member is empowered to be himself or herself and to respect the individuality of others.

Milan therapy

In this case, the psychiatrist lets the members examine their belief systems as a unit and as individuals. They all work together to see how their beliefs affect conflict resolution. Milan therapy seeks to disempower systems of belief that perpetuate and escalate a conflict.

Strategic therapy

In a strategic therapy session, the psychiatrist helps members be more aware of destructive patterns and be more mindful of the feelings of others. Every family member is given work aimed at improving his or her interaction with the other members. This technique helps especially to redistribute power among members.

During family therapy, it is the prerogative of the therapist to decide which technique to use and when. For example, strategic therapy may be used to subvert the authority of a dominant member and allow communication. In some cases, the therapist may choose to combine techniques.

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