How Surgeons Prepare for Their Next Operation

March 7, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Medical

You’ve got your scrub suit on. Your anaesthesiologist’s on time. All the tools you need from your forceps to your Frazier suction tube are sterilised and ready.

The only thing that needs preparation is you. A surgeon’s preparation technique may vary from operation to operation. In most cases, it depends on the type of surgery or on the age and overall health of the patient. Apart from being technically prepared, surgeons also have to make sure that they’re in good shape — physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here’s how surgeons usually prepare before diving into a procedure:

Rehearse the Steps in Your Mind

This should be easy for routine procedures like a C-section or an appendectomy. Start from the very first incision and end with the last suture. This helps the mind prepare and perform the operation with precision. For some, going through the process in their mind is relaxing.

Check with Other Professionals Involved

A few days before the scheduled operation, surgeons make sure that the patient has been given and has passed all surgery tests. They consult with other physicians involved in the patient’s treatment and ascertain that he or she is physically ready for the procedure.

Have a Battle Plan for Complex Procedures

Surgeons use a high-grade 3D print, or an MRI or CT scan with high resolution that help them plan the sequences of a complex procedure.

Physically Prepare Yourself

To physically prepare for an operation, doctors normally have a good night’s sleep and a balanced meal the night before a surgery. This will ensure no hunger pangs or headaches will occur that may affect focus and accuracy.

Your job as a healthcare provider requires a sound mind and a healthy body each time you step into an operating room. Take all necessary measures to achieve and maintain an optimal state of mind.

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