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February 14, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental

gorgeous woman with a wonderful smileThe appearance of a person’s teeth plays a major part in how they feel about their overall self-image. Broken teeth, crooked smiles, and gaps where teeth have been lost can all contribute to negative feelings about facial appearance.

For patients of modern dental practices in England, like PDC Dental in Barnsley, cosmetic dentistry offers a whole range of treatments that improve the appearance of the teeth in various ways. Even simple adjustments like teeth whitening can transform the patient’s visual appeal, so they’ll no longer feel the need to hide their smile.

An assortment of improvements

Cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley comes in many varieties. One of the most common is teeth whitening. Many people find that their teeth gradually lose their whiteness over the years. Food and drink can leave behind residues in a range of colours. Over the years, these residues can build up into stains that are very hard for the patient to remove by themselves.

Teeth whitening treatments apply a fresh and bright whiteness to discoloured teeth. The procedure is comfortable and straightforward. It can often be carried out by the patient in their own home. Following the dentist’s instructions, they wear a custom-made tray over their teeth, which contains a specially-formulated whitening agent.

Another common reason people seek cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley is because their teeth look crooked when they smile. With contemporary realignment treatments, patients wear a discreet and comfortable dental appliance. Often made of transparent or tooth-coloured materials, the appliance will bring the teeth into better-looking and more effective positions. The results are long-lasting, and can improve oral health as well as dental appearance.

Chipped teeth can be improved with veneers, which are thin segments of porcelain securely bonded to the front of the teeth.

Compassionate care

The friendly dental team get to know the patient’s preferences, so that cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley can be delivered with due care and consideration. Every patient’s needs are different, from straightforward single visits, to more complex smile makeovers. Visual improvements can provide valuable emotional benefits, and the dentist will work with the patient to maximise the effectiveness of the treatments they choose.

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