A Glimpse of Home Health Care

January 24, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Trends

In 2015, 21.8% of non-institutionalized persons aged 65 and over had fair or poor health. For this reason, some home health agencies in West Palm Beach have been offering quality, holistic, and collaborative nursing care to its clients.


Many home health agencies offer an entire scope of nursing care.  Among these are gastrostomy, wound and tracheostomy care, and management of medications.  These nursing procedures are usually done by licensed nurses registered in the state they are practicing.  More so, these nurses are trained to practice infection control and other protocol to prevent additional illnesses that may fall on the client if these procedures are done incorrectly.  Also, nurses working for home health have expertise in the management of ventilators, which is very helpful for clients with end-of-life trajectory.


The family of the client is taught to understand changes in taking care of the elderly patient.  Also, the relatives are given suggestions on how to cope with a shift in roles. In cases where the nurse is not around, family members are taught to administer medications or treatments, manage diets, perform vital signs such as pulse and blood pressure checks, and even manage equipment.  These interventions and procedures are done by the family to make sure that the patient is taken care of at all times, even when professional help is not available at the time.


Nurses are in collaboration with physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers. For instance, a nurse sends out laboratory results to the physician. The nurses work with the patient’s physician and follow the treatments and procedures recommended for them.

There are many options available in providing the best care for the elderly. The common goal is to provide the patient with a decent, comfortable life while receiving the health care that they need.

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