Dental Implants: How its Benefits Outweigh the Costs

January 12, 2018   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental

Nothing comes close to what a dental implant can achieve in restoring your smile. The main concern of most patients, however, is the cost associated with getting one. Dental implants will surely cost you more initially, but you’ll get better value for the long term. They last longer than conventional dentures and bridges, with a survival rate of 95%.

Healthy Mouth with Dental Implants

If you have been living with missing teeth, making the decision to replace them will benefit your oral health in the long run. Dental implants are the best choice, as these can restore your chewing ability and the strength of your bite. In fact, if you consider all the benefits you can get from a healthy and functional smile, you’ll realise that implants are not that expensive.

Quality Materials Matter

It’s also important to remember that implants are made from quality materials. It requires crafting and refining titanium to form a screw that will be placed into the jawbone. There is also the need for a uniquely designed crown that will be fitted on top of the tooth root. Dental implant centres in Tauranga also note that no two crowns are exactly alike, so they need to be specifically designed.

Skill and Precision Needed

All the materials, tools, and process required to make the implant and crown raise the costs of implants. Fitting the screw and placing the crown requires detail, skill, and precision. Dental implant dentists have to make sure that tooth root and crown will allow the normal functionality of your mouth with regular check-ups.

If you want to transform your mouth completely, choose dental implants. Other than they look and feel like natural teeth, they can also preserve healthy gums. This is because the implant slowly integrates into the jawbone, giving your teeth a strong and stable foundation. They, furthermore, can uplift your confidence and you won’t have to worry about the teeth becoming loose or falling out in a few years.

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