Total tooth replacement

December 15, 2017   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Health
Woman ready for her tooth replacement

Although it is reckoned that a whopping 74% of UK adults have lost at least one tooth, the number of Brits who have no teeth of their own at all is only 6%. That’s great news, considering that in 1978, only 40 years ago, that number stood at 37%, according to research done for National Smile Month. The other great news is that in those 40 years, a practical and efficient way to replace lost teeth has charged to the top of the leader board of tooth replacement methods. That method is dental implants.

This method of tooth replacement has been through its experimental stage and is now firmly in the mainstream. In Edinburgh, dental implants are available from various dentists, including Edinburgh Dental Specialists.

During its experimental period, dentists came up with two great ways that dental implants in Edinburgh can be used to replace all the teeth. Let’s take a look at them:


This method of total tooth replacement requires between four and six dental implants being inserted into the jawbone. The implants at the front of the jawbone go in vertically, while the ones at the back are inserted at an angle so that they can give support all along the back of the arch. The patient usually leaves with a set of teeth attached to the implants, rather than having to wait two to four months for the implants to integrate into the jawbone. If the patient has been missing teeth for a long time, the gums may well have receded and the new teeth will come with aesthetic gum replacement for a more harmonious balance between the teeth and the gums.

Denture stabilisation

This treatment offers a cost-effective combination of mini dental implants in Edinburghand dentures. If the dentures still have a lot of wear in them, they can be customised by adding implant fixtures to the undersides. The patient has mini dental implants inserted through the gums and these are fitted into attachments that the dentures rest on. The dentures still come out at night for cleaning and to rest the gums, but they will no longer slip around in the mouth when chewing or talking.

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