What Your Jewelry Purchase Says About You

December 12, 2017   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Lifestyle

Jewelry pieces take your outfit to the next level. They also convey a message, such as when you are wearing an engagement ring. Some everyday accessories may not be as valuable, but they still say something about you.

Every piece of jewelry you own will contribute to your image, so it is important that you have the right pieces. Here is what your jewelry may say about you.


Jewelry does not need a lot of care, but they do require maintenance and proper storage. Your attention to detail shows in how good your accessories always look. There should be no speck on your bracelet; your ring should be shiny and the stone not cloudy.

Even the band of your watch should be in pristine condition. Fashion expert AAA Jewelers states that your close relationship with jewelers in Salt Lake City, who can clean and repair your favorite pieces, also says a lot about you.


When it comes to more expensive pieces such as engagement rings, you need to be asking questions. There is the issue of whether the diamond on your ring has been mined using ethical practices, and if the miners are contributing to the betterment of the community where the mine is located.

Celebrities these days have turned into spokespeople for brands that take it upon themselves to source from locations without conflict. When you buy jewelry, feel free to ask questions about where the stone is coming from and if it has proper documentation.


Some jewelry pieces may have belonged to your grandparents, passed onto your parents and eventually to you. Over the years, the pieces may show signs of wear. It falls upon you to have them restored or cleaned to give them back their natural luster.

This, instead of simply discarding old jewelry pieces in favor of new but meaningless baubles, show that you hold on to important aspects of your life.

Buying jewelry is not just about looking good. What you do with it says a lot about your personality too.

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