4 Reasons to Get Braces in Windsor

November 20, 2017   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
woman wearing Invisalign

Thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever for a patient to straighten their teeth. There are also more reasons than ever for a person to straighten their teeth.

From patient’s appearance to hygiene, having straighter teeth carries many advantages. In Windsor, braces are offered in different forms to carry out adjustments. Depending on the amount of adjustment needed, different types of teeth straightening is available.

1: Appearance

In today’s somewhat image-obsessed society, patients can be very aware of how their teeth look. The world of cosmetic dentistry is an ever-expanding one, with more and more treatments being offered each year.

An attractive and welcoming smile can play a huge role in enhancing someone’s self-confidence. With today’s modern technology, helping patient’s teeth to last longer, the visual aspects have an opportunity to be looked after as well.

When it comes to cosmetic braces in Windsor, a great option is Invisalign. Invisalign are clear plastic tooth trays that serve to change the position of the patient’s teeth.

Every 7-10 days, a new set of trays is to be used that are of a slightly different shape.

A big advantage of this treatment is that it’s completely removable, which makes it much easier than traditional braces when it comes to meal times.

2: Hygiene

When a patient’s teeth are crowded or overlapping, it’s more difficult for the patient to keep their teeth clean. Inadequate cleaning is the main cause of tooth decay, gum disease and even eventual tooth loss.

It is possible to keep crooked and overlapping teeth clean, but having braces in Windsor will help with maintenance in the long run.

3: Tooth wear

When a patient’s teeth don’t meet in the middle, the teeth can wear unevenly and even chip and crack. This is because the amount of pressure being put on the teeth when chewing isn’t even.

Having a bad bite can also be a cause of tooth clenching and tooth grinding.

4: Gum damage

When teeth aren’t aligned and a person’s teeth overlap when they bite down, the teeth can damage the opposing gums.

This can be both painful and put the mouth at risk of further damage.

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