Long-Lasting Replacement Teeth

November 17, 2017   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental
dental implants

For people with missing teeth in Barnsley, dental implants are an effective and durable solution. They bring back the patient’s ability to bite into and chew their food, just like they used to do with the teeth they’ve lost. At dental practices in south Yorkshire, such as PDC Dental Implants in Barnsley, dental implants are used to replace any number of teeth, whether it’s just one or a whole set.

Personalised precision

It usually takes a few months to complete the full implant process. Treatment will start with a consultation at the dental practice. The dental team will get to know the patient’s oral health history. They’ll also make sure the patient’s jawbone is sufficiently dense, and that their mouth is in healthy enough condition to receive the implants. After detailed images of the teeth are taken, a precisely-crafted treatment plan is created.

Then there’s the minor surgical procedure, in which the patient has small titanium posts placed into their jawbone by the dentist. A short period of healing follows this, before the patient returns to the practice to have their replacement teeth attached to the posts. However, in some cases, same day implants can make this process quicker.

Future benefits

Dental implants in Barnsley have many benefits for the patient.

  • The jawbone forms a strong bond with the implanted titanium, which provides a stable base for the new teeth, so they can function just like natural ones;
  • The new teeth remain in the mouth without the need for adhesives. They’re hassle-free and easy to keep clean;
  • The bone structure under the patient’s face maintains its firmness. The deterioration in bone structure that can lead to a sunken appearance, when removable dentures are worn for a long time, is avoided;
  • The patient may find more ease in talking, because certain words and phrases can be easier to pronounce;
  • The new teeth will give the patient a better-looking smile, which may lead to increased overall confidence.


Yorkshire dentists know that having dental implants in Barnsley can bring oral health benefits that will last for many years. They can be used to replace a failed bridge or a loose denture, providing stability and enabling a better quality of life.

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