Three Techniques Most Rehab Centers Use to Treat Addiction

October 10, 2017   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Health

Addiction can turn lives upside down. If you have decided to take action and change your life back to what it once was, you will likely find the most help from a rehabilitation center. If you want to prepare yourself for the process, it's best to know what to expect. Here are some techniques centers for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Los Angeles can use.


When addictions develop, they create various changes in your body's systems, making you unable to function without the addictive substance. To counter these effects, experts will wean your body off the substance, detoxifying your systems and eliminating your dependence. Patients will often feel worse during the initial stages of treatment, with some even developing tremors, paranoia, and depression, though these symptoms are part of the process and are temporary. The specialists will monitor you throughout the process and ensure you do not encounter any adverse reactions.

Cognitive Therapy

Addictions are often deeply rooted. In some instances, patients turn to drugs with the hopes of dealing with trauma or emotional challenges. Through cognitive therapy, experts will discover the roots of the problem, and with the understanding of the causes of addiction, they can help you prevent relapse. By addressing concerns and changing how a patient feels or thinks about particular challenges, specialists can help you deal with an addiction permanently.


Detoxification and counseling are not the only things professionals can utilize to help you counter addiction. Medications also play a role in improving your state at a biological level. They can contribute to dissuade your body from being dependent on drugs. For instance, Campral works efficiently for alcoholics while Suboxone can help heroin addicts to get clean and not feel the urge to rely on drugs.

Don't take the hunt for a reliable rehabilitation center lightly. Get to know the programs they offer and learn what tools and resources they use during treatment. This way, you can mentally prepare yourself for the first step towards freeing yourself from addiction.

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