Treat Yourself (And Your Health): The Benefits of Massage Therapy

October 6, 2017   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Medical

While finding a reason to treat yourself to a massage may be easy, finding time to do so might be more challenging. Some cities have improved massage therapy to a whole new level, making sure every person has access to the service. Today, in St. Louis, home massage has been a great help in this problem. One can choose the time and the treatment that suits their needs. Aside from treating yourself once in a while though, massage has other benefits as well.

The following are some of the reasons a massage is more of a need than a want:

Fights off Headaches

Massage therapy activates the body’s relaxation mode, otherwise known as the parasympathetic nervous system. Most of the pain in your body is sent to the brain for processing. It then sends the “pain signals” back to the trigger points. Massaging those trigger points can help relieve headaches.

Reduces Stress Levels

Stress is as a result of too much tension in your body. It affects not only the mind, but it also causes fatigue, headaches, and difficulty sleeping. When the brain senses any stress, your heart rate and blood pressure rise and your muscles tighten. Whatever effect stress has on your mood; a massage therapy is one of the most relaxing ways to relieve your body and mind from a stressed life.

Promotes Deep Sleep

Insomnia or lacking enough sleep can cause poor task performance, memory problems or even depression. Massage therapy increases blood flow to your muscles, not only reducing pain and anxiety but also increases relaxation, which in turn restores a healthy sleep schedule.

Helps Boost Immunity

Immunity is the ability of your body to fight diseases. Various methods of improving your immunity exist — most of them requiring prescribed drugs. Apart from relaxing, massage therapy increases the flow of white blood cell and triggers the release of specific hormones that protect your body against sicknesses.

The older you get, the weaker your muscles get. The effects of a soothing massage can offer many benefits and alleviate physical and emotional issues. So go ahead, pamper yourself. It’s not just a reward. It’s also great for your health.

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