How to Know You Have a Tooth Emergency

October 6, 2017   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental

Young boy showing part of his cracked toothYour teeth may not be as strong as you think. You may be used to crunching almonds, but one mistake and you can get a cracked tooth. Those who use their mouth to open bottles of beer or generally using their teeth other than its intended purpose may face some consequences.

Whether you are at a bar or a game, it can be hard to get immediate care when you get into an accident.

It is important to know an emergency dentist in Cardiff such as those in Andrew Thomas Dental Care, someone you can easily call on hours that are usually unavailable for most dentists.

When you knock out a tooth

Your teeth are not permanently lodged in your gums as it seems. One hard blow and they can easily fall off. When you get into a fight or at a sports practice, your mouth can be an easy target for such disasters. What you need to do is make sure you keep the tooth in your care if you knock it out.

Do not hold it by the root if you still want it back. This is to avoid infection and to keep the tissues connecting the tooth to your gums alive. Knocked out tooth can only be saved for an hour, so a trip to the dentist is a must.

When you accumulate foreign objects

Whether it is in between your teeth or straight into your gums, foreign objects hold no place in your mouth. It can be a chipped bone from that drumstick or a piece of metal from the bottle cap. Your emergency dentist would be the only one capable of safely removing it without further problems.

Treating your teeth with better care may help prevent you from getting into any one of these situations. When the problem is already there, an emergency dental care is the answer.

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