Bringing Back the Sparkle: Teeth-whitening Your Way

July 16, 2017   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Dental

A number of reasons can make your teeth dull and appear yellow. It could be due to the foods and drinks you regularly consume, smoking/tobacco use, old age, and even certain medications. If this is affecting the impression of your smile, you are surely wondering what products or methods can improve or change the color of your teeth.

The Common Choice

Brushing and flossing daily can keep your teeth healthy, but they are not that effective in teeth whitening. The use of whitening toothpaste, however, will work in removing and preventing surface stains. Be sure not to overuse such products, as they contain abrasives, which can contribute to increased tooth sensitivity.

Whitening Strips

For mild discoloration, whitening toothpaste can deliver results within weeks of use. Teeth whitening strips can also work, as they contain bleaching agents, which can give you a bright smile. It is important to follow instructions to get the results you want. Again, be sure not to overdo it to avoid damaging your gums and enamel.

In-office Bleaching

While over-the-counter products can help brighten your teeth, medical diagnosis such as chairside bleaching can provide a more instant and permanent fix. This is a dentist-supervised procedure that only requires a single visit. It involves the use of a rubber shield to protect the gums before applying the bleach. A special light-like laser is also used to enhance the whitening effect.

Common Side Effects

Even proper use of whitening products has side effects. Some experience tooth sensitivity, which happens when the bleaching ingredient irritates the tooth nerve. This is usually temporary, and you can delay the application.

Your best option for teeth whitening is, of course, a dentist-supervised procedure. Ask your dentist for product recommendations and other tips to prevent tooth discoloration. You can still use whitening toothpaste and strips, but be sure to follow instructions.

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