Learning First Aid: Is it Really Necessary?

June 16, 2017   /   byHealthier Societies  / Categories :  Health

Learning first aid skills requires determination and perseverance. This same fact gives rise to a view that it is an inconvenience. Some people think that it’s expensive, tedious and even useless. In reality, it is a vital skill everyone should learn to manage and overcome insurgent forces in life.

A leading training provider even went as far as explaining that some employers highly value first aid certification among employees and, in many cases, actually require it.

Here are some reasons why the course is changing.

It saves lives

This is probably the most important reason first aid skills are essential. Emergency situations happen in the most opportune of times. In natural disasters, man-made calamities and accidents, knowledge of basic first aid comes in handy.

You’ll never know when professional first-responders arrive, so it’s important that there’s always someone trained in first aid for every small population—be it a household or a company team. You can do CPR on a victim before the ambulance arrives.

 A very useful skill

In Melbourne, first aid practitioners are an asset to workplaces and areas where there is a high concentration of people. They are the first line of defence in the office. When a medical emergency occurs, and it involves one of your colleagues, your knowledge in first aid can significantly increase chances of survival.

A source of income

If you have certifications in first aid, you can work as an emergency responder. Hospitals and clinics, for instance, offer employment opportunities. Consider this an incentive when you enrol in first aid training class.

If you have a difficult time deciding whether to have yourself trained; just think of the possibility of helping someone in need. You’ll never know; maybe the next person you help is a friend.

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